Heather and Marks Wedding at the Conewago Inn in Elizabethtown

The Conewago Inn www.conewagomanorinn.com is a a gorgeous historic mansion that sits above the Conewago River.  The land is beautiful and has one of my favorite trees.  I have no idea what it is but is huge and bright white.  You will see it in the photos below.  There are three floors in the home filled with elegant suites.  It’s a photographers dream.  Heather and Mark were fun, full of laughter and very patient on a very very hot day.

At the end of this post you will find a video taken by Sugar Leaf Films – www.sugarleaffilms.com.  Heather Coleman is awesome.  If you are looking for a great wedding videographer please go check out her website.  Not only is she an awesome person and great business person but she is super easy to work with and very good at what she does.  Creative and beautiful filmmaking.

This is one of the beautiful rooms upstairs where Heather got ready.  These types of rooms are the reason I love shooting at mansions.  Lots of character.

Heather and Mark made the great decision to see each other before their wedding which allowed us plenty of time to take photos of them and their bridal party.  It was really hot but having time for photos is well worth the work.

Awesome shot by Georgi.

Here is my favorite tree.  It’s huge and the branches spread an easy 40-50 feet.  On the left photo you can see some ruins on the property.  I don’t know what they’re from but they look very cool.

I LOVE bright fun colors!  Beautiful dresses.

Heather and Mark were married on the property.  Outdoor weddings can be tough on a bride’s nerves (don’t say the word rain!) but they are the most beautiful.

Awesome details.

Here is a video from Sugar Leaf Films.  Go check them out for your wedding video – www.sugarleaffilms.com

2 thoughts on “Heather and Marks Wedding at the Conewago Inn in Elizabethtown”

  1. Doug, Thank you so much for taking so many amazing pictures of our wedding. Heather and I couldn’t be happier. You accurately captured the story, the characters, and the energy of our wedding. Of course I don’t think you could have achieved such amazing content during the reception without the help of Del’s Groove. They allowed our guests to loosen up and make way for numerous uninhibited moments for you guys to shoot. There was so much energy on the dance floor that one of our guests split his pants. See “leap frog” picture above.

    So, if you’re reading through the blog looking for vendors I highly recommend Doug and his crew. They are talented and highly professional. Also, Doug made reference to them above, so from the client side we loved SugarLeafFilms. Heather and Ben, Sugar Leaf Films, were really easy to work with, and we’re extremely happy with our video. There’s a picture of our cake above. Rosie from rosiecreativecakes.com made it. It tasted as good as it looked. Not too sweet. Tropical Passion cake, buttercream frosting, and a little bit of lime zest and lime curd, it was perfect for a hot summer day. Mmmmmm.


    Just in case you’re in planning mode:
    http://www.candidmomentsphotography.com/ ( You’re on his site now )
    http://www.sugarleaffilms.com/ ( Beautiful video which you can see above )
    http://www.delsgroove.com/ ( They Rocked It! )
    http://www.rosiescreativecakes.com/ (Mmmmmmm)

  2. Doug, I know it took us FOREVER to get your our album edits, but I just wanted to let you know when we finally sat down to do it, we were amazed all over again by how many awesome photos we had to choose from. We looked at every single photo multiple times and got to relive our wedding day all over again, all these months later. Thank you for being a part of our day and for all of the BEAUTIFUL photos! PS – love that the shot of our friends doing leapfrog made the blog (you’ll notice our friend Ryan, on the bottom, split his pants on the dance floor)… HAHA! So glad you guys captured that 🙂

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