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There has never been a time in which I haven’t called myself an artist. I doodled in elementary school, drew superheros in middle school, won awards in high school, and left for Hollywood in college to work in the movies and television. While I was in Los Angeles, I met Michelle, my wife, and began our search for a wedding photographer. The photographer that we met with blew my mind! She captured wedding photos in a way that I had never seen before. I was moved by the art and creativity so much, that I asked if I could join them to learn how to photograph a wedding and capture the beautiful moments they did so effortlessly.

I worked with that studio for a year before I opened Candid Moments Photography in 2003. Michelle was my 2nd photographer and we photographed 4 weddings that first year. We charged $800 for the first wedding and that included an 8 hours drive each way to San Francisco, a hotel and the cost of film. developing and printing. It cost us $1000! Oops! But the first wedding was under my belt.

We photographed 6 weddings the next year; 21 in 2005 and 29 in 2006. Then in 2007 the business really took off, and we photographed 60 weddings. During the next 7 years our studio photographed 451 weddings. Over the course of 12 years, we have been a part of 571 couple’s wedding days.

We love photographing weddings. We love the art, the romance, the beauty, and the over-whelming love that comes from the couple and all the family and friends. There is something really special about being chosen to capture the biggest event in a person’s life. The wedding day comes only once and cannot be redone. It is our job to capture this extremely important day by photographing every detail, every person, and all the moments in a unique, creative, and beautiful way.

Photographing your wedding is only part of the job, though. Gina, our studio manager, is there to help you with all your questions. We know that communication is everything. You need a photography studio that helps you throughout the whole experience with planning, advice, and scheduling. Gina will welcome you to our studio and will guide you through the entire process from the first meeting to the final album draft.

The wedding experience is both overwhelming and daunting. We at Candid Moments Photography would love to be a part of your day. We will take away the worries and fear so you can enjoy the biggest day of your life. Then we will present you with beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime.

Doug Burns
Owner and Photographer of Candid Moments Photography

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